Vacuum Plasma Treatment

Vacuum Plasma Treatment System

Eltech's Laboratory Vaccum Plasma unit is portable, small enough to fit onto a bench and is a cost effective solution to the problem of improving surface wettability. The lab vacuum plasma unit is very simple to install and can be operational within minutes.It comes equipped with its own vacuum pump. Featuring operator friendly & easy to learn and use. The see-through door enables you to see your parts being treated in the large chamber. All of the key parameters are adjustable (i.e. treatment power, time & vacuum level) allowing you to achieve total process control.

Eltech Engineers supplies plasma solutions to improve the surface energy of plastic and rubber components to ensure good adhesion of printing inks, paints, adhesives, coatings etc. and for the surface cleaning of plastic, rubber and metal parts. Plasma surface modification equipment is widely used throughout a diverse range of industries and onto an ever increasing range of substrates. Our growing list of customers includes many in the following industries: medical, automotive component, electronics, cable, pipe and many more. Through our many years of experience and continuous product development we have become one of the leading suppliers of Plasma Surface Modification equipment, Eltech Engineers is here to help you find the most appropriate surface modification technology and equipment to solve your problem.

How Could Vacuum Plasma Treatment Benefit You ?

Vacuum Plasma provides innovative surface modification technology and offers effective solutions to adhesion and wetting problems in many industries. Component preparation using plasma treatment is an important step prior to printing, bonding, painting, varnishing and coating processes.Plasma surface modification provides an economical solution for the cleaning and activation of part surfaces before further processing.

How Does Vacuum Plasma Treatment Help to Solve The Problems of Adhesion ?

To obtain good adhesion to low surface energy materials i.e. low or non-polar materials like PP, PE, HDPE etc. we need to modify the surface i.e. increase its polarity. Placing your components in the highly active environment that exists inside a plasma chamber is the ideal method to increase the material's polarity. The free radicals and other particles that exist in the highly active plasma discharge can attach to the material surface resulting in the formation of additional polar groups on the material surface, these have a strong chemical attraction to inks, paint, coatings, adhesives etc. leading to significantly enhanced surface energy and therefore adhesion.

Mains Frequency & Voltage 230VAC , 50 / 60 Hz
Output Voltage/Plasma power Max. 400 Vp/max. 2000 Watt
Vacuum level 1-4 Bar
Plasma treatment time, Typically 10 – 180 Seconds, depending on material
Plasma electrode type Ceramic insulated
Treatable materials Small parts, polymers, metals and semi-conductors

Atmospheric pressure plasma system readily solve surface adhesion problems for a wide variety of products and applications :

  • Easy to use : Mobile for testing in various departments, and for various parts and projects. Connect to mains power and the unit is ready.
  • Fast treatment times : High power impact enables treatment times from 10-180 seconds, depending on material.
  • Vacuum level : The unit operates at a vacuum level 1-4 mbar.
  • Visible plasma process : Metal door with inspection windows.
  • Treament results fully transferable : Using the same concept ensures easy upscaling to full scale production units.
  • Rubber and plastics industry : Rubber, plastic material surface treated to form one active layer, the better for printing, adhesive, coating and other operations.
  • Automotive industry : Ignition coil processing, instrument panel (PU) flexible polyurethane coating pre-treatment in the control panel before the bonding process, the internal parts. before planting adorned processing PP,Door seals
  • The electronics industry : Hard plastic pieces, earphone, cell phone case.
  • Medical industry : Intravenous infusion, catheter.
  • Textile fibers industries : Woven flame retardant treatment, singeing treatment, splashing

Water treatment, non-slip handle, antistatic treatment, coating, anti-bacterial deodorant processing, printing and processing, with a variety of non-woven textile composite acupuncture treatment, as well as non-woven fabrics with a variety of materials (plastic, film, textiles, etc.) bonding, etc.

The effect of the plasma changes by varying the process parameters such as pressure, power, process time, gas flow and composition. Several effects can therefore be achieved in a single process step.

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