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Plasma Surface Activation

In Plasma Surface Activation the materials surface energy is been increased turning it to Hydrophilic. The wettability of the surface depends upon which gas is been used for ionization. A technique for surface modification called plasma activation (or plasma functionalization) uses plasma processing to enhance the surface adhesion properties of a variety of materials, including metals, glass, ceramics, a wide range of polymers and textiles, and even organic materials like wood and seeds. The addition of functional groups to the surface of materials that have been exposed is referred to as plasma functionalization. To prepare surfaces for bonding, glueing, coating, and painting, it is frequently employed in industrial processes. This result is attained by plasma processing by a combination of metal oxide reduction, ultra-fine surface cleaning from organic impurities, surface topography modification, and deposition of functional chemical groups.

Plasma Activation
Plasma Surface Activation

Vacuum Plasma Surface Activation in Mumbai, India

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