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Plasma Surface Polymerization

In Plasma Surface Polymerization the material surface is been coated with Hydrophobic layer like PTFE. This process is reverse than the Plasma Cleaning, Activation & Etching process. Here the surface is getting converted to Hydrophobic. Plasma sources are employed in plasma polymerization to create a gas discharge that supplies energy to activate or fragment a gaseous or liquid monomer, frequently containing a vinyl group, to start polymerization. This method produces polymers that are often highly branched, strongly cross-linked, and have good adhesion to solid surfaces. The main benefit of this method is that it eliminates steps required for other coating methods like grafting by allowing polymers to be directly connected to a chosen surface as the chains are developing.

Plasma Coating
Plasma Surface Polymerization

Vacuum Plasma Surface Polymerization in Mumbai, India

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