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Handheld Plasma Treatment

Eltech Handheld Plasma Arc Treatment
Eltech Handheld Plasma Arc Treatment
Eltech Handheld Plasma Ion Treatment
Eltech Handheld Plasma Ion Treatment
  • Potential free discharge which can treat both conductive, non-conductive as well as semi-conductive surfaces.
  • Easy operation by simple button ON/OFF and Start/Stop.
  • Ultra high frequency using latest IGBT technology.
  • Air-Cooled HV transformer for better efficiency & long life with high-speed cooling.
  • Fans that can be used for long hours.
  • Compact construction with maximum operator safety.
  • Potential free contact interlock for integrating with PLC for Start/Stop command.
  • Fire-resistant conduits & other plastic components.
  • Constant power for high & uniform surface treatment.
  • Long Lasting, Uniform, High surface treatment levels.
  • Auto / Manual Operation Switch.
  • Ideal for high-speed lines.
  • Reliable Industrial Design.
  • Forced cool converter for longer life
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to install
  • Cost efficient treatment process
  • HV transformer is able to used for long hours and continous work
  • Maximum operator safety
  • Soft start
  • Compact simple construction
  • Overload Trip
  • Thermal trip for heatsink
  • MCB protection
  • Under voltage / Over voltage
  • No Air
  • Door open
  • Under Current / Over Current
  • Audio / visual alarm

Handheld Plasma Treatment in Mumbai, India

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