Water Cooled Induction Cap Sealer (Eltech 2000)

Eltech Engineers offers on line automatic cap sealing systems for high speed cap sealing applications. This Induction cap sealer consists of the high efficiency and microprocessor control panel , induction head unit & efficient water circulation system. This system requires water cooling and is available with or without conveyor. This Induction cap sealer can seal containers having diameters from 10mm upto 63mm production speeds upto 80 bottles per minute.

Input Supply 230 V AC 50 Hz
Output power 2kw
Coil movement Standard 300mm
Efficient water re-circulator sits underneath the machine on the same support mobile trolley for one piece shifting from one production line to another.
Built-in monitor circuit ensures safe working parameter (e.g.over temperature/over current /over voltage, water). In case of mal function machine shuts off and fault is indicated on the panel by LED display.
In-built microprocessor controls, no extra PLC required.
Conveyor with geared motor D.C. drive.
Can seal PET / HDPE / PP / LDPE / PVC / GLASS containers.
  • No wad detector system.
  • Foil liner / stalled bottle detector.
  • Total production counter.
  • Conveyor stop system.
  • On line conveyor with variable frequency AC drives.

Water Cooling Automatic Induction Cap Sealer in Mumbai, Eltech 2000