Static Pinner Claw

The Eltech 310 Edge Pinning is a powerful pinning head intended for use on cast-film lines. Pinning the edges of the cast film to the chill roller prevents necking of the film. Resistively coupled titanium pins deliver spark free pinning.

A safe, controllable, reliable and cost-effective method of applying static charge for temporary adhesion in applications including interleaving steel sheets, pinning plastic sheets and webs, bag making, wrapping machines.

  • Adjustable tips allow easy installation in a range of applications.
  • Precise static generation exactly where it is needed.
  • Robust construction ensures long life.
  • Easy to install.
  • "Stay-sharp" emitters, easily replaceable.
Static Pinner Claw
Static Pinner Claw
Eltech 311
Working distance Min. 12.5 mm
Housing material PTFE
Ionisation points SS
Cable High voltage cable
Weight 0.3 kg/m
Ambient temperature 150 °C
Use circumstances Industrial
Operating voltage 0 - 12 KV
Suitable power unit EL-335
  • Converting : Edge pinning on cast film lines
  • Packaging : Sealing & Shrink-wrap, Overwrap
  • Printing : Lap card insertion, Blow in, Collator

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