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Vacuum Plasma Cleaner

Eltech Vacuum Plasma Cleaner or Low Pressure Plasma System is fully customized and designed based upon the customer requirements or on the application. Power supply i.e. generator is either LF or RF and power upto 1000W is available and more based on the request.

Electrode design is highly dependent on the parts which are to be treated, using various electrode structure and different principles like Active Plasma, RIE Plasma or Downstream Plasma the components are treated. Depending upon the thermal limitation of the substrate either one of the principle is chosen.

Our vacuum chamber is designed and built based on the vacuum standards running in the industry and the machine is equipped with highly reliable components that are already proven and used in the vacuum industry since many decades.

As our vacuum chamber is uniquely designed and equipped with quality end equipments we easily eliminate the problem of grounding or shielding which tends to disturb or make any instruments faulty when placed near to it.

As the system is equipped with PLC the user can operate the process very easily. The user only has to press start and the process will run automatically. As the design of the electrode is done calculatively, the generation of the plasma is even throughout the chamber which tends to produce the same results each and everytime which makes our system user friendly and reliable. The system comprises of multiple MFC’s which are precise and helps to maintain the desired pressure inside the chamber and thus achieving an arc free cloud/glow of plasma.

As many reactive gases are available to use along with our Low Pressure Plasma System the limitations comes when using gases apart from inert gases. If any other gases is to be used apart from inert one’s then the pump oil is to be replaced with Fomblin Oil (PFPE) or Dry Vacuum Pump is to be used compulsory. Mineral oil is strictly used along with inert gases. The pump generally used is Two Stage Rotary Vane Pump and if needed it used in combination with Mechanical Booster to achieve the desired vacuum pressure faster.

Vacuum Plasma Cleaner
Vacuum Plasma Cleaner
Vacuum Plasma Cleaner
Vacuum Plasma Cleaner

Vacuum Plasma Cleaner in Mumbai, India

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