Plasma Treater

What is Plasma ?

PLASMA can be described as “ The 4th state of matter “ because it is not liquid , a solid or a gas. Plasma exists in the form of ions and electrons. It is essentially an ionized gas that has been electrified with extra electrons in both negative and positive states.

Principle of surface Improvement by Plasma Treatment

The ion and electron mixed in the plasma zone collide at high-speed on the surface of the substrate, which eliminates the contaminant ( dust & release oils etc ) and helps the functional coating radical to stick on the surface. It is possible to get the rising effect and hydrophile effect on the surface through the above progress. This means the increase of surface energy. Plasma surface treatment system for 2D or 3D objective enhances surface energy and it leads enhancement of adhesion for those processes such as printing , coating , laminating , transforming and extrusion molding and so on.

Surface Treatment

  • Some materials are not very compatible with ink, printing processes. Ex. Polypropylene.
  • Surface energy is an important factor in terms of wetting behavior of the material.
  • When material is exposed to ink, it might not spread on the material as required.
  • We have to change the surface energy of the material so that we can modify our surface in terms of its appearance.

Working Principle

Plasma Surface treatment machine consist of a plasma generating apparatus, gas pipes and plasma spray gun with three parts. Plasma treater relies on electricity,generates high voltage & high frequency energy. These energies in gun tube is activated and controlled glow discharge plasma, by compressed space plasma spray surface treatment, surface produce corresponding physical and chemical changes. Surface in plasma processing has been activated ,help to Increase the adhesion for bonding, coating,printing,and sealing of the product.

Input Supply 230 V AC Single Phase
Power Consumption 600 Watt
Working Air Pressure 3 Bar
Output Frequency 40-50 KHz
Weight 35 Kg
Dimension 450 mm x 550 mm x 850 mm
  • Improve folding carton bond strength
  • Extruded pipe, tubing, profiles
  • Painting and decorating
  • Medical and health care products
  • Electrical/electronic components
  • Direct printing
  • Hot stamping
  • Pad printing
  • Adhesive coating
  • Wire and cable
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