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Ozone (O3) is sometimes called "activated oxygen", basically an allotropic form of oxygen consisting of molecules containing three oxygen atoms. It can be act as a most powerful sterilant to destroy bacteria, viruses and odors if generated in controlled conditions. Ozone generators are machines that convert Oxygen (O2) in to Ozone (O3) by the use of high voltage electricity with the help of ozone generators manufactured by Eltech Engineers at state of art unit.

Ozone can be neither store nor transported because of unstable tendency to breakdown quickly as it’s a basically molecular detention process that must be carried out with ozone generators. Ozone is very powerful and it has very short life span. When it dispersed in a closed room or vicinity, oxidation process starts and then it perform its job and just disappears. Ozone must be generated at site only. Its life cycle comprises of Generation, Oxidation & Return to oxygen. Ozone can effectively neutralize or kills bacteria, fungus & germs by attracting itself to the contaminants breaking down the cell structure through oxidation and reverting back to oxygen. Ozone is used as a sterilant agent for bleaching, cleaning and oxidizing and has faint chlorine like odor. Ozone is not a stand-alone mold removal tool.

Eltech Engineers is a certified Indian Manufacturer of different types of Ozone Generators & Ozone Systems from 500 mg/hr to 5 kg/hr as per requirements of customers.

Oxygen Generator
Ozone Air Purifier

Salient Features :

Ozone can kills or completely neutralize bacteria, fungus & germs by means of oxidation process which is safe if carried out in a controlled conditions with the high class Ozone Generator manufactured and supplied by Eltech Engineers at very affordable prices.

  • Even it can detect and kill such harmful bacteria which humans can’t smell it.
  • Multi specialty hospitals across the world use large ozone generators to decontaminate the operating rooms between surgeries. This need closed air tight room sealed with proper sealing agent. Due care need to take that Ozone should not be used in occupied spaces.
  • Ozone is safe to use in unoccupied spaces by trained individuals, who follow appropriate occupational, health and safety requirements offers excellent results. Ozone generators should only be used by trained professionals in unoccupied spaces at the recommended threshold levels.
  • Ozone air purifier – This machine effectively kills and completely neutralizes the bacteria, virus, harmful microbiological substances present in an air and also called as Ozone deodorizer which is really innovative machine offer by Eltech Engineers.
  • Ozone vegetable purifier – As per its name, this purifies and maintains the freshness of all types of vegetables by removing or completely neutralizing the bacteria within. Used in various malls and rich class hotels for preserving vegetables.
  • Drinking water / Swimming pool or water park water treatment application – Ozonation is one of the best suitable methods of obtaining pure drinking water from impure water. Ozone will destroy all unwanted bacteria and virus i.e. both organic as well as inorganic substances will get oxidize. This improves the water taste, removes odor and provide excellent disinfections. This ozone generator also removes the harmful bacteria & algae from swimming pool water & maintains the water suitable for all human being of different age groups by means of oxygen enrichment process.
  • Hotels, Restaurants, Motels, Room Odor Removal / Bacteria killing – These needs ozone generator to keep high standards of hygiene and customer’s health by performing deodorizing functions. Suitable ozone units are being installed in kitchen, halls, lounge, bars, rest rooms, bathrooms, spas, offices, store rooms, garbage rooms, bedrooms, lifts, terrace side suits etc.
  • Wide applications in agriculture and green house farming, zoo, fish aquariums, life support systems and fish farming, museums, culture halls, multiplexes etc.
  • Ozone air purifier used to purifies air and eliminate smell and oxidization of tobacco by-products in air conditioning equipment which also removes the indoor pollution. Eltech Engineers is famous for manufacturing Ozone air purifiers, also called as ozone deodorizers which are equipped with timer facility.
  • Suitable for grain processing, food processing industry to kill insects, molds and other fungus
  • Ozone generators are also used for laundry applications to remove stains, odor from clothes and Bleaching of fabrics. This washing cycle is associated with some suitable cleaning laundry chemical in conjunction with ozone for effective cleaning of clothes.
  • Textile mill application involves removal of dyes from waste water i.e. Effluent water treatment as well as coloring process on fabrics as per requirements.
  • Cooling towers water treatment – Ozonization is general requirement for such cooling water treatment to remove algae and odor form circulating water. Also removes sticky dust and purifies water for cooling numerous electrical as well as mechanical auxiliaries. Same method is applicable for industrial Effluent water treatment plants which save the water in huge quantity and thereby saving in terms of money.
  • Vehicle wash water reclamation - This reclamation process includes the recovery of water consumed during cleaning of vehicles by removing sticky grease, dust, sediments. Such ozone generator are installed at vehicle service stations as per requirements.
  • Marine waste water treatment in shipyards and jetties, Aircraft odor and fungi control
  • Bottled water, cold drinks, and beverage plants
  • School buses and classrooms for air freshness and odor removal for maintaining hygiene.
  • Building cleaning services such as big apartments, offices etc.

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