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Supplied AIR ASSIST IONIZING BAR to eliminate STATIC CHARGE before winding in Coating Machine

Ionizing air blower supplied in Vasai for optics lens cleaning at the time of production to avoid dust problem

Supplied anti-static shockless bar in Coimbatore for textile machine

Supplied anti-static shockless bar in Faridabad for packing machine

Circular Bar supplied for teflon pipe to remove static charge 360 degree

ionizing air blower supplied in bangalore for eliminating static charge from moulded plastic parts

Supplied Anti-Static Shockless Bar for packing machine in New Delhi

Ionizing Air Nozzle supplied in Pune for mobile screen cleaning

Anti-Static Shockless Bar and Anti-Static Brush supplied in Silvassa for calender machine

Supplied anti-static shockless bar in Nashik to eliminate static charge in film before winding

Supplied Anti-Static Bar in Delhi for Slitting Machine

Anti-Static Bar supplied in Tripura for eliminate charge from the material

Supplied Static Charge Meter for measuring static charge from Plastic Film

Supplied Ionizing Air Gun in Mumbai for Bottle Cleaning

Air Assist Ionizing Bar supplied in Pune for parts cleaning before painting

Anti-Static Shockless Bar supplied in Satara for Calender Machine Textile Industry

Supplied Ionizing Air Blower in Indore for Automotive Industry

Supplied Anti-Static Circular Bar at Coimbatore for Vertical Form Filling & Sealing Machine.

Ionizing Air Blower supplied at Vapi for eliminating static charge from Plastic Molded Parts

Supplied Ionizing Air Gun for removing static charge from Form Pasting Process at Kolhapur.

Ionizing Air Gun supplied at Navi Mumbai for Optics.

Air Assist Bar with Power Supply supplied at Anangaon for Blow Molding Machine.

Supplied Pipe Ionizer at Gurgaon for eliminating static charge from pipe before printing

Supplied Ant-Static Shockless Bar with Power Supply in Goa for Fiber Optics Application.

Supplied Static Eliminator with Anti-Static Shockless Bar at Kenya for Bottom Sealing Machine, Side Sealing Machine and Pouch Making Machine.

2 Set Static Charger with handle supplied at mumbai for injection moudling labels (IML).

2 Set Static Fan Driven supplied in Textile Indusry at Ahmedabad.

2 Set Ionizing Air Gun supplied at Jaipur.

Supplied 6 Set Pipe Ionizer at Nalagarh, Himachal Pradesh to eliminate static charge from pipe before printing.

Supplied Static Charger Machine at Kolkata for IML Labels.

Supplied 6 Set Ionizing Air Blower at Nalagarh for Sleeve Machine.

Supplied Plasma Treatment for pipe industry for surface treatment before printing in Assam.
Supplied Anti-static Electrode for Vertical form sealing machine in turbhe, navi Mumbai.

Supplied Hand Held Induction Cap Sealer Machine for plastic bottle cap sealing in Delhi.


Supplied Anti-Static Ionizing Air Nozzle in pharmaceutical at vasai for eliminating static and dust from bottle before filling.
Supplied Anti-Static Shake Ionizer for cleaning and removing dust from medical equipments at Bangalore.

Supplied Anti-Static Circular Electrode for Vertical Form Sealing Machine in Thane.
Supplied Static Charger in Howrah for in-mould labeling.

Supplied Dynes Pen for checking surface treatment in Cochin.

Supplied Plasma Treatment Machine for cable industry for surface treatment before printing in Chennai.

Supplied Anti-Static Electrode for textile yarn warping machine in surat.

Supplied Anti-Static Sockless Electrode for Free Flowing Products making machine in Faridabad.

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