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Induction Cap Sealer

It is necessary to maintain the product freshness and composite integrity at user end so as to utilize the same by customer & feel good about the product in hand. Induction cap sealing is basically non-contact sealing process, which comprises of bonding of foil or disk to seal the opening of any container. This perfect sealing preserves as well as prevent the inside material to spill while handling & utilizing at any opening event. This sealing assures the extended shelf life, reduces the chances of pilferage of product inside which ensures the ultimate customer satisfaction about the end product in hand.

Induction cap sealing machines manufactured by Eltech Enginners can be used to handle liquid or any solid state products such as cold drinks, foods like pop corn / chocolates / biscuits & cookies, ice creams, fruit juice, ice cakes & pastry etc; various chemicals, tablets / drugs & multiple highly flammable products like diesel or petrol, packaging of electrical & electronics goods etc. Induction cap sealing assures the user about the maximum reliability of product and also restrict the product to get in contact with oxygen to prevent it from any fermentation or deterioration too.

The basic operating principle of such high class induction cap sealer comprises of the cap, which passes through a controlled electromagnetic field generated by an induction cap sealing machine. This strong electromagnetic field generates the huge heat along the whole periphery of the cap which further gets sticks around the neck of container like bottles or any vessels.

This non contact heating process hermetically seals containers with closure that includes the sealable foil laminates inside material safely.These induction cap sealer machines almost seals any size of container & its size can be customized as per user requirements of packaging needs. Definitely there is limit to the size of container. The inner seal material may consists of a layer of raw pulp board, a thick layer of wax, thin aluminum foils, thin layer of polymer material, G. I. sheets, special carbonate sealing plates etc. The use of inner seal material for closed sealing is depends upon the type of material to be packed and handle. Sometimes single layer or multi layer inner seal material may be used as per requirements.

Applications :

  • For sealing of liquid products like milk, cream, sauce, chutneys, water, fruit juice, various dairy products, edible oil, ghee, cold drinks, lubricating oil, face wash, hand wash, petro chemicals products, agriculture products like seeds & pesticides, sealing of herbal & ayurvedic products etc.
  • Widely used in food and beverages industries for packaging and sealing of pizza, pop corns, wafers, various fast foods, nutraceutical and dry fruits industries etc. Large scale applications in pharmaceuticals industries for sealing of syrups bottles, medicines & tabs etc.
  • Nowadays most of the beauty products like anti- aging creams, cosmetics creams, massage oils, personal grooming creams & powders, skin care creams, shampoo, shower jells, body wash, face primer, foundations, lip sticks, lip liners, setting sprays, anti hair fall jells, hair setting jells & sprays, concealer, eye liner, kajals, deodorants, baby products line powder, oils etc are packaged and delivered in attractive packaging cartoon which is possible by induction cap sealing method.
  • Domestics products line incense sticks, essential oils, spiritual tools, candles, diyas etc.
  • Suitable for Paints industry for packing and preserving liquid as well as dry paints, cleaners, resins, polishing liquids etc.
  • Home remodeling products like battens, taps, arm showers, bathroom and wash room accessories packing, various fixtures, hangers, lighting panel holders and related tools, side compartments storages boxes, vanities & allied hardware accessories packed by means of such induction cap sealing method.
  • For packing of sports goods and equipments.
  • For packing of stationery & school items like pens, pencils, erasers, colors, bunch of note books, printers and its inks etc.
  • Wide applications in packing electrical and electronics goods such as Computer spares, Monitors, SMPS, Drives, CDs, Cables etc.
  • Animal's care medicines and related products, pets foods etc.
  • Fireworks industry - such as packing of gelatins rods, power form explosives, raw material used for decorative fireworks etc.
  • Children's toys packaging - colors and clays, plastic items packaging.
  • Musical instruments.
  • Industrial products such as bearings, welding rods, adhesives, wrapping papers, various nuts and bolts, high temperature grease, sleeves, shafts etc.
  • Various dental and health products, fish food packing, laundry item packing, multiples household items etc.

We offers manual induction cap sealer, semiautomatic induction cap sealing machine, automatic induction cap sealer and online induction cap sealing machine for low or high speed cap sealing applications.

Induction Cap Sealer in Mumbai, India

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