Laboratory Corona Treater


Laboratory Corona Treater
Lab corona Treater
Lab corona for Bottle cap & silicone pads
Lab corona for Bottle cap & silicone pads
Lab corona for Petri Dish
Lab corona for Petri Dish

Corona treating is a very effective way to increase the surface tension of virtually any material. When properly applied to your substrate, corona treating produces the higher surface dyne levels needed for good adhesion even on the more difficult-to-treat materials like polypropylene and polyethylene.

Other common corona treating applications include nylon, vinyl, PVC, PET, metallized surfaces, foils, paper, paperboard stock, and other materials. For the treatment of sample film prior to adhesion or printing. The film to be tested is placed on the earthed base plate and is then passed over with the manual roller electrode.

generator power can be set and is displayed. The intensity can also be regulated by varying the movement speed.

The unit is most suitable for quick and simple tests. The compact design of the unit allows it to be taken to a customer and to perform tests on site.

The device comprises a semi-conductor generator with an integrated transformer for high-voltage generation, the hand roll electrode (standard working width 200mm), the earthed ground plate power cable and a hand or foot-operated switch for the activation of the Corona discharge. The output (intensity of the Corona discharge) can be adjusted at a potentiometer and read off a display.

The purpose of corona treatment is to optimise the adhesion properties on polymer-based materials. The low surface energy of polymer-based substrates often leads to poor adhesion of inks, glues and coatings which by nature present significantly high surface energies. To obtain optimum adhesion, it is crucial that the surface energy of the substrate is equal or higher than the surface energy of the material to be applied to the polymer.

Specifications :

Mains Supply / Mains Frequency 230 V AC , ± 5 % , 1 Ø , 3 Wire
Treatment size A4 ( 210 mm x 297 mm ) (Customized)
Line speed Manual
Material Conductive / Non-conductive
Treating sides Single
Input frequency 50 Hz
Output frequency 20-50 KHZ
Approx Output power (Kw) 600 Watts
Maximum temperature 0 ~ 50°C
Treatment electrode HV dielectric insulated Roller
Dynes level 38-48 Dynes/cm
Length of HV cable 2.5 Mtr
Inverter Ultra high frequency using latest IGBT technology
Corona output Constant at same speed
No influence of supply voltage
Accurate output power
Certifications CE, RoHs, ISO
  • Advanced IGBT Technology.
  • Aluminium Split box type station assembly for light weight and low corrosion.
  • Pnuematic operated treatment station.
  • Ozone extraction system efficiently removes ozone and to cool the electrodes. This reduces warping of electrode and provides more consistent.
  • In order to protect the treater rolls, a zero speed cut-off system automatically shuts down the power supply when the web achieves low line speeds.
  • Easy to install.
  • Cost efficient treatment process.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Easy to Operate Push Buttons for Start/Stop
  • Customized Design.
  • Easy view windows allow clear unobstructed view of corona discharge.
  • Air gap adjustment: two external adjustment screws at both ends of the electrodes.
  • Ultra high frequency using latest IGBT technology
  • Compact simple contruction
  • Soft start
  • Maximum Operator safety
  • Forced cooled convertor for longer life
  • Overload Trip
  • Thermal trip for heatsink
  • MCB protection
  • Under voltage / Over voltage
  • Ozone extraction overload trip
  • Single Phasing
  • Door open
  • Audio / visual alarm

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