Static Discharge Palm Plate

The Grounding PALM PLATE is a convenient and quick solution to ensuring that there is no charge on the Human Body before entering any ESD safe area. It has a conductive Stainless Steel electrode plate mounted onto an acrylic backing. The plate can be mounted on the wall at a convenient height and the personnel have to just touch the plate to drain any charge from the body. The Plate is supplied with a Grounding cord which needs to be connected to any ESD earth point. A 2.2 megohm resistor is provided in the ground cord as precaution against risk of shock.

Static Discharge Palm Plate
Technical specifications :
Material Stainless steel on Acrylic backing
Finish Brushed effect
Dimensions Touch Plate 150 x 150 mm
Weight 500 gms
Decay Time < 2 secs
Resistance to Ground 2.2 Mohm

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