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Vortex Ionizer

Vortex Ionizer employs a unique ionizing technology to neutralize static electricity and blast away dust and contaminants in injection molding applications.

Vortex Ionizer revolutionizes the cleaning of moldings and components where careful control of contaminants is necessary to maintain production efficiency and reduce the cost of rejects and rework.

By combining an advanced ionizer with the power of high-thrust, rotating air jets, Vortex Ionizer enables accurate and powerful cleaning of all shapes and sizes of product.

Twin air-powered jets rotate at up to 60 times per second, delivering a 360 degree flow of ionised air onto the product in a pulsed air hammer effect at up to 240 times per second. This removes contamination and neutralises the static electricity which attracted it.

Vortex Ionizer
Eltech 308
Vortex Ionizer
Vortex Ionizer
Eltech 308
Vortex Ionizer
Vortex Ionizer
Eltech 308 & Eltech 331
Vortex Ionizer & Power Supply
Vortex Ionizer Benefits & Advantages:
  • Superior cleaning and static neutralization with lower compressed air cost
  • Multi-direction airflows clean the most complex shapes and crevices
  • Higher quality output and production efficiency with less rework and rejects
  • Simple to install or retrofit to conveyors, robot arms, cleaning stations
  • Easily and economically scalable for any product or process
  • Shockless and suitable for tough industrial processes
  • Moldings
  • Electrical Assemblies
  • Trays and Panels
  • Photo-Voltaic Parts
  • Medical Parts
  • Cleanroom Components
  • Kitted and Bare PCBs
  • Machined Plastics

Vortex Ionizer in Mumbai, India

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