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Ionizing Air Blower

Ionizing air blower or anti static blowers are the most versatile ionizer to control or remove static electricity. This static control blower offers the ability to cover a large area cost effectively. This static control equipment is an excellent choice to reduce static electricity and reduce operator static shocks and production applications needing large area coverage.

Static eliminators are used to eliminate static and dust. Static electricity is a problem, which companies face globally. It primarily affects industries, which handle non conductive materials like plastics, paper, board, laminates and textiles. The electrostatic attraction repulsion cause materials to stick to machinery, or to each other, leading to jams, slow machine speed and poor quality and productivity. Friction, pressure and separation are the major causes of static electricity. When humidity is lower, higher static charges are generated. It becomes more noticeable in the months of winter, in dry laminates, and in air conditioned environments.

Different Problems Caused by Static Electricity are:

  • Causes problems in printing
  • Sheet feeding problems
  • Causes dust attraction.
  • Leads to improper stacking.
  • Materials tearing, jamming or curling.
  • Hazardous sparks or shocks to person.
  • Product sticking to itself, rollers or machine parts
Ionizing Air Blower
(Eltech 310 - A)
Ionizing Air Blower
Ionizing Air Blower
(Eltech 310 - B)
Ionizing Air Blower
Ionizing Air Blower
  • Clean and neutralise, three dimensional plastic parts
  • Cleaning moulded parts
  • Photo finishing
  • Package cleaning
  • Container Neutralization
  • Automobile bodies
  • Electronic assemblies
  • Furniture finishing
  • Consistent, uniform winding gives more robust and stable performance
  • More powerful static neutralization, lower electrical stress and increased reliability
  • Short circuit current of less than 5 mA ensures high level of operator safety
  • Increased efficiency
  • Product quality improved

Ionizing Air Blower in Mumbai, India

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