Bench Top Ionizer

Bench Top Ionizer

Bench Top Ionisers are used to ensure a static free work area by neutralising static charge on insulated objects by producing a balanced source of positively and negatively charged ions. The ELTECH-312 bench top ionizer, provides excellent balance and rapid charge decay for secure workstation protection. Designed to protect most sensitive electronic devices, ELTECH-312 uses corona ionizing technology to continuously produce a balanced output of positive and negative air ions.

Why Choose A Bench Top Ioniser Fan?

Compared to our other ionisers, workbench ionisers are compact and lightweight. They are designed to be used on workbench tops, placed on shelves or to be wall-mounted; using only little production space. Due to their small size and light-weight, they are more convenient to use and have become the latest static elimination technology available today. Bench top ionisers are ideal for use in areas where charge neutralisation is critical such as printing, medicine, cleanrooms, spray coating, plastics product, film product and packaging.

  • CE Approved
  • 24V Operation
  • AC ionization output
  • Integrated emitter cleaning device
  • Variable fan speed control
  • Excellent auto-ion balance
  • Keeps emitters free from contamination
  • Adjustable for varied work applications
  • Easy to clean and safe to access

Technical specification :
Air Flow 1.8 cu m/min
Noise level 50 dB (at 1m)
Supply 230V AC 50Hz 20 Watts
Ionization voltage 4 - 5 KV
Ion balance within (+/- 25V)
Discharge time +/- 1000V to 100V in < 5sec at 300mm
Construction MS Powder coated
Dimensions in mm 145 x 90 x 210
Weight 3.00 kgs

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