Ionizing Air Knives

Ionizing Air Knives

Ionised Air Knives produce fast-moving ionised air which can neutralise static electricity and remove contaminants.

Industry Applications
  • Widely used in electronics, injection molding, printing, film and pharmaceutical machinery Industries.
  • Powerful ionisation kills the static charge holding the dust, allowing the fast beam of laminar air to remove it for a thorough cleaning
  • The non-turbulent laminar airflow limits the recombination of ions in the air and so maximizes the static neutralisation performance

Compressed air is amplified by a factor of up to 20:1. So a litre of compressed air produces up To 20 litres of fast-moving air.
Technical Specification :

Power Supply eltech 331
Input Voltage AC 230 V / 50 HZ
Wire Length 2.5 m (Customized Available)
Working Temperature 0~50 °
Working Voltage AC 7000 V
Working Current 3.5 mA
Air Pressure 4 - 5 bar

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