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Overhead Ionizing Air Blower

Overhead ionizing air blower is the ideal technique of removing static, contaminants and dust from three dimensional parts before assembling, packaging, painting and finishing. The anti static air blower neutralizes the static electricity and cleans at distances up to 1 foot. Fan is used to transport ionized air to the object for long range static neutralization or dust removal. If the air is ionized, the static charge will be eliminated, which allows superior quality cleaning without re-attraction.

The use of overhead ionizing air blower ensures powerful, long range, wide area static neutralization. They are widely used to neutralize mouldings, winders, sheets and other large objects.

An Overhead Ionizing Air Blower is a device used in industrial manufacturing processes to neutralize static charges and remove airborne particles from a large area. It is a type of static elimination device that combines an air blower with an ionizing bar to deliver a stream of ionized air.

The overhead design of the device allows it to be mounted on the ceiling, providing a wide coverage area and freeing up floor space. The air blower part of the device uses a powerful fan to produce a high-velocity stream of air that circulates throughout the area, removing airborne particles and contaminants. The ionizing bar part of the device generates ions, which neutralize any static charges in the air and prevent further attraction of dust or contaminants.

Overhead Ionizing Air Blowers are commonly used in industries such as electronics manufacturing, cleanrooms, and laboratories, where the buildup of static charges and airborne particles can cause issues like damage to electronic components, product defects, and contamination.

Overhead Ionizing Air Blowers come in different sizes and designs to fit the specific needs of different manufacturing processes. Some models may include additional features, such as adjustable air flow, variable ionization settings, and the ability to emit both positive and negative ions for more effective neutralization of static charges.

Overhead Ionizing Air Blower 2 Fans
Overhead Ionizing Air Blower

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Overhead Ionizing Air Blower

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Overhead Ionizing Air Blower in Mumbai, India

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