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3 Fans Overhead Ionizng Air Blower

It is the ideal technique of removing static, contaminants and dust from three dimensional parts before assembling, packaging, painting or finishing. The overhead ionizing air blower neutralizes the static electricity and cleans at distances up to 1 foot. Fan is used to transport ionized air to the object for long range static neutralization or dust removal. If the air is ionized, the static charge will be eliminated, which allows superior quality cleaning without re-attraction.

The use of overhead ionizing air blower ensures powerful, long range, wide area static neutralization. They are widely used to neutralize mouldings, winders, sheets and other large objects.

 3 Fans Overhead Ionizng Air Blower
Product Features :
  • Fit for static elimination in large area
  • The combination of multi-units independent ion transmitting
  • Stepless adjustment of the air volume and longer lifetime of the fan
  • Fast speed of the elimination and stable performance of the circuit
  • Detachable cover net both front and back, convenient to clean and maintain
  • Auto cleaning when power on; Auto cleaning every 24hrs
  • Electronic
  • Optoelectronics
  • Semiconductors
  • Plastics
  • Films
  • Printing industries

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