Water Cooled Induction Cap Sealing Machine (Eltech 1000)

Eltech-1000 Cap sealer is built in a compact, design to save space and provide easy movability from one line to another line.This consists of the high efficiency and microprocessor control panel, induction head unit & efficient water circulation system. This system requires water cooling and is available with or without conveyor. This system can seal upto 60 bottles per minute. It provides an advanced, 100% solid state, and high frequency heat generator featuring a wide output power range, high efficiency and microprocessor controls.

Input Supply 230 V AC 50 Hz
Output power 1kw Advanced Mosfet/IGBT technology provides high control of the sealing process
Coil movement Standard 300mm
Efficient water re-circulator sits underneath the machine on the same support mobile trolley for one piece shifting from one production line to another.
Built-in monitor circuit ensures safe working parameter (e.g.over temperature/over current /over voltage, water). In case of mal function machine shuts off and fault is indicated on the panel by LED display.
In-built microprocessor controls, no extra PLC required.
Conveyor with geared motor D.C. drive.
Can seal PET / HDPE / PP / LDPE / PVC / GLASS containers.
  • No wad detector system.
  • Foil liner / stalled bottle detector.
  • Total production counter.
  • Conveyor stop system.
  • On line conveyor with variable frequency AC drives.

Water Cooled Induction Cap Sealing Machine Manufacturers in Mumbai