Air Assist Ionizing Bar

Air Assist Ionizing Bar

ELTECH Air Assist Ionising provides ionization over longer and wider areas. Ionization is boosted by acompressed air system.

The Air-Assist bar is designed to improve discharge performance at a longer range of distances by moving ions to the target with a precise airstream.

A shatterproof air tube runs the length of the bar between a high density of long-life tungsten emitters. Small perforations in the tube release jets of air, picking up ions produced by both polarities.

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  • Rewinder Process
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  • Winder & Unwinder Process

Technical Specification
Supply voltage 230 V AC, 50 Hz, 25 Watts
Output voltage 7 KV
Output short circuit current (Ik) < 5 mA
Power consumption approx. 50 VA
Maximum load 10 m (HV cable incl. electrode)
Frequency 50 - 60 Hz
Mains cable length approx. 2.5 meter with earthing - pinplug
Weight 8 kg
Distance Upto 4 Feet Maximum
Dimension 168mm L x 260mm W x 190mm H (eltech 335)
Operating Distance Speed bar 2” to 9” (50-225 mm)

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