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Air Cooled Automatic Induction Cap Sealing Machine (Eltech AC 2000)

Corona Treater for Extrusion Coating Plant

Eltech AC-2000 is the latest of a concept developed by Eltech’spowerful engineering team. Eltech AC-2000 offers compact air cool on line automatic cap sealing systems for high speed cap sealing applications. Mr. Rajesh Chauhan-Director says, "Eltech has been upgrading its technology of sealing with best features for revolutionary technology. It is a tremendous achievement for our development team and a great breakthrough for the industry. New performance helps to achieve better sealing standards. With an advanced touch screen operating system it has been value for the product. It helps sealing operation like never before."

  • Advanced IGBT technology provides high control of the sealing
  • Efficient air-cooled inverter and sealing coil design
  • Trolley for one piece shifting from one production line to another
  • Caps with diameters from 20-60 mm may be sealed
  • Sealing speed : 40-50 container / minute
  • Coil movement : standard 300 mm
  • Can seal PET / HDPE / PP / LDPE / PVC Container
  • User friendly
  • Fast, easy set-up
  • Continuous Use : Rugged, built to last
  • Safe, reliable, compact and lightweight
  • Castor wheels are provided to easy line changeover
  • Micro Processor Controlled 100% digital variable output
  • Operation at ambient temperature
  • Protection against over voltage
  • Protection against over Temperature
  • Protection against over current
  • Conveyor stop trip
  • Easily Movable : The machine is mounted on a wheel based unit, which provides added mobility. Easy for line relocation.
  • Save Power : Latest Solid State semiconductor technology ensures reliability.
  • It has more than 90% power conversion efficiency, so less power is required.
  • Safety / Protection Alarms : Built in protection circuitry for Over Current / Over Voltage / Over Temperature. All this comes at NO EXTRA COST.
  • No tuning, no tools, just plug it into 230V Single phase mains power supply and seal.
  • Safe, Reliable & Compact.
  • Eltech 2000 can be mounted on to your existing conveyor belt.

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