ELTECH S - 500

Semi Automatic Induction Cap Sealer (Eltech S-500)

Eltech S-500,Semi-Automatic Induction Cap Sealer is specifically designed for packagers who require a semi-automatic sealing process with low production volumes. The table top model is compact and ideal for production environments where a bottle conveyor is not practically necessary. Built-in guides ensure operators properly line-up containers for sealing. A digital timer lets the operator know when the sealing process is completed. This model is suitable for batch type production and can be used continuously for 24hrs x 365 days. Ideal for laboratory use, stability testing, R & D facilities, short runs test marketing.

Input Supply 230 V AC 50 Hz
Output power 500 watts maximum
Cap size 20 mm-100 mm or 60 mm-130 mm
Dimension 400 mm x 340 mm x 690 mm (LXBXH)
Weight 23 Kg Net /Packed : 40 kg
Can seal foil caps up to 8 to 10 bottle/minute

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  • Advanced Mosfet / IGBT technology Delivers high efficiency sealing power and long term reliability.
  • Sealing time in 1/10 second increments.
  • Compact in size.
  • Handle provides portability with skid-free non-marring feet for use anywhere.
  • Automatic photoelectric switch under sealing head eliminates the need for finger switches to start sealing cycle.
  • "V" stop centering guide for assurance of bottle being under sealing head.
  • No tools are required for adjustment or set-up.
  • It requires no water and is 100 % air cooled.
  • It is silent and has no discharge.
  • Digital UP/Down timer: Provides precise timing from 0.1 to 9.9 seconds.
  • Can seal PET / HDPE / PP / LDPE / PVC / GLASS containers.
  • User friendly
  • Continuous use, rugged built ensures long serving life
  • Fast and easy set up, no moving parts
  • Light weight design ensure easy mobility
  • Safe, reliable and compact

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