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Plasma Treatment in Rubber & Plastics Industry

The rubber and plastics industry needs effective surface treatment before bonding, spraying, and silk-screen printing. Surface coatings for rubber products have previously been cleaned with chemical syrup. However, due to the high concentration of sulphuric acid in chemical syrup, plasma surface treatment is a new surface treatment that can easily solve the problem. In this type of application, the most typical example of this type of application is the surface treatment of automotive wiper strips.

Technology Applications

Surface cleaning
Surface cleaning
Processing wiper strip (material rubber)
Processing wiper strip (material rubber)
Benefits We Bring to the Rubber & Plastics Industry :


Enhance the surface activity of medical supplies using new materials in a clean, safe and environmentally friendly manner.


Plasma equipment can be directly installed on the automatic folder gluer, and processed online without affecting the existing process.


Eltech plasma treatment machines promise stable and long-term anti-leakage bonding.


Completely remove organic pollutants emanated from the injection molding process from the surface.

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