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Plasma Treatment For HDPE Pipes

Plasma treatment is a commonly used surface modification technique that can enhance the surface properties of various materials, including plastics such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE). By subjecting the HDPE pipe to plasma treatment, the surface of the material can be cleaned, activated, and modified to improve its wettability, adhesion, and printability.

Plasma Treatment is essential for DUCT, HDPE, PPR, LDPE, MDPE & MicroDuct, as all this surface is porous in nature and have dyne level around 30. With plasma treatment, we tend to increase the dyne level around 54, which is ideal for bonding between ink & substrate.

Before inkjet printing on an HDPE pipe, plasma treatment can help to ensure that the ink adheres properly to the surface and does not smudge or rub off easily. The plasma treatment process involves exposing the surface of the HDPE pipe to a low-pressure plasma gas, such as oxygen or argon, which generates a plasma discharge that can remove any organic contaminants or debris from the surface and increase the surface energy of the material.

The plasma treatment can be performed using a plasma generator that is specifically designed for this purpose.The duration and intensity of the plasma treatment can be adjusted to suit the specific requirements of the inkjet printing process.

Overall, plasma treatment can be a useful pre-treatment step for HDPE pipes before inkjet printing, as it can improve the adhesion and print quality of the ink on the surface of?the?material.


Eltech plasma technology can improve the adhesion of lots of new materials in the pipes industry.


Our machines can activate the surface of the material and ensure a very high surface energy state, creating the perfect conditions for the subsequent printing process.


Improve the hydrophilicity of the surface of the material while enhancing the adhesion of the ink on the surface, so that the ink never falls off.


Machines can be directly installed before the coding, which makes the production process efficient and environmentally friendly.

Overall, plasma surface treatment is a valuable technique for modifying the surface properties of pipes, which can improve the adhesion of ink in inkjet printing applications and enhance the functionality of pipe-based products!

Plasma Treatment For HDPE Pipes in Mumbai, India

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