Monolayer Corona Treatment

Corona Treater For Monolayer Extruders

Eltech manufactures best quality corona treater for monolayer film plant extruder and this film is formed by mixing polypropylene or polyethylene(structural material) with vinyl-acetate or methacrylate(printable material). This forms the unitary mixture. Then the mixture is extruded and heated.

Application :

Monolayer Extrusion Film Plants

Treatment Size 50 mm - 900 mm
Mains supply Single Phase, 230V AC
Mains Frequency 50Hz, +/- 5%.
Speed 30 - 80 meter/minute
Output frequency 30 KHz
Output Power 0.5KW / 1KW
Corona Output Constant at same speed
No influence of supply voltage
Dynes level 38 - 48 Dynes/cm

Corona Treater for Monolayer Film Plant Extruder in Mumbai, Thane