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ELTECH ENGINEERS is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified Indian Company engaged in the manufacturing activity of corona treater, Static Charge Eliminator, Induction Cap Sealer,Ozone generator and static chargers. Our clients always look upto us for their different requirements because of our high quality standards, superior performance, zero defect products, timely deliveries and very reasonable prices.

We are capable of providing solutions for any kind of treating problem for plastic films, different varieties of complex laminates and metalized films. We produce corona treaters in the range of 1 kw to 10 kw for web widths of 3000 mm, we can provide solutions for all types of static problems.




Corona treatment system is a very effective way to increase the surface tension of virtually any material. Surface treatment is required for plastic films  / fabrics whose normal surface tension is not sufficiently high to permit good wetting by flexo graphic inks.


Static eliminators are used to eliminate static and dust. Static electricity is a problem, which companies face globally. It primarily affects industries, which handle non conductive materials like plastics, paper, board, laminates and textiles. 

Induction Cap Sealer

Induction sealing is a non-contact process, which is used to bond a foil disk or to seal the opening of a container. The technique provides the user with a tamper evident seal. The seal assures product integrity and prevent any chances of leakage. It increase the products shelf life, reduce pilferage, and ensures maximum customer satisfaction. The method can also be used for different types of containers and also used for foods, drugs, chemicals and petroleum products. 

Ozone Generator

Eltech Manufactures high graded ozone generators and ozone systems for virtually each of applications like packaged drinking water,swimming pool water treatment,waste water and sewage water treatment,laundry application and air purification.


Static Charger -In-mould foil charger

We offer superior quality static chargers that can be used to stick PP / BOPP / polystyrene foil material to the inner mold surface during injection molding. This makes the foil constant in a position in the mold due to charging. These static chargers are manufactured in compliance with international quality & safety standards.